Automation for Field Sales

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When you hear the word “automation”, you’d be forgiven for thinking about robots stealing our jobs and a dystopian future where a handful of pale, eccentric billionaires own armies of mechanical workers whilst the rest of us live out our days in the metaverse.

Whilst I can’t predict the future, I’m here to paint a brighter picture of how field sales teams can easily implement automations to save them hours every week and make them more productive than they ever imagined.

In 2011, three guys in Missouri created Zapier, a product which would go on change the way hundreds of thousands of businesses work. Zapier allows you to connect the platforms you use everyday via “Zaps” to automate your workflows and save you time. A “trigger” in one platform, causes an “action” in another and with over 4000 integrations, the opportunities are endless.

For the past decade, a growing community of people have been obsessively building zaps to automate their workflows, drive efficiency and grow their businesses. I have no doubt, that among the talented individuals who use our platform daily at leading challenger brands, that we’ll see some extraordinary creativity in the automations they create.

In wholesale, for example, brand reps visit shops with the intention of introducing them to their products and putting a wholesale transfer order through one of their wholesale partners. After each visit, they could be interested in sending a follow up email (perhaps using Zapier’s delay feature). Brands in grocery may want to automatically save photos of displays from store visits to shared Google Drive accounts. Manually updating spreadsheets could soon become a thing of the past and any repetitive processes which happen at any point in your sales processes could soon be turned into a zap.

At Bowimi, building a Zapier integration isn’t a tick-box exercise on our product backlog, it’s an opportunity for us to make our platform infinitely more useful and extendable. The best part? You get to spend more time selling and on high-value tasks, and less time on repetitive tasks.

Here’s how you get started:

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