Your First Month on Bowimi

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Buying software sucks. There’s so much noise out there and we’ve all signed up for products we’ve not used and been tied in for 12 months 😤

Unfortunately for us, CRMs are the worst offender in this category. Teams don’t like them, they rarely get adopted and most CRMs have large set up costs and 12-month contracts so it’s an expensive gamble to take.

So 12 months ago when we entered the market, proving the product was a much bigger priority than dragging unwilling customers through 12 months of regret, so monthly rolling was the standard. No commitment. This put the responsibility on us to deliver value, and fast, so we came up with a process where any business could fully determine within one month whether or not our platform would be worth the monthly investment.

Here’s what your first month on Bowimi looks like:

Day 1 – Set up surveys (data capture), tags (location management) and ordering (if applicable).

Day 2 – Get the whole team set up: Download the app on phones and set passwords so that they can go straight into using Bowimi in the field. We give every team member a tour of all the relevant features, plus our contact details for peace of mind. They’ll have full access to our:

  • Prospecting tool to find local businesses
  • Route planning and optimisation to save time and money
  • Task management to keep track of follow ups
  • Surveys to record photos and other key information from visits
  • Orders to create wholesale transfer and direct orders in seconds

Day 7 – Insights: Once you’ve had a week of using Bowimi in the field, you’ll have some good data to visualise. This is where we build bespoke dashboards for you, showing you exactly the data and metrics you want to see. Once they’re set up, you can access them anytime you want and even get them automatically emailed to you for added convenience.

After the insights session, you’ll now have all the tools in place for your team to work more efficiently and for their managers to have instant access to the most important metrics. Over the remainder of your first month, you’ll be able to clearly see whether or not the platform is working for you and making a real difference to your business. If it’s not, cancel. No strings attached.

The saying goes: “No one wants a drill. What they want is the hole” and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to field sales software. Whilst you might think you’re shopping for software, what you actually need is a process that works for you and a tool that your team enjoy using.

For more information on how to get started, email me on

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