The Future of Field Sales

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Imagine waking up in the morning, you look at your phone and there’s a perfectly curated list of tasks for you to complete. New customers to visit, follow ups with those who haven’t placed an order in a while and a handful of relevant, new prospects to explore.

The app organises your day for you, planning your route and making sure you have enough time to fit all the required tasks in. You make some changes here and there when urgent tasks unexpectedly come up, but on the whole, your digital assistant takes this into account and adjusts your day accordingly.

Every visit, follow up and new prospect is optimised to drive the most sales. A digital assistant which learns from your activity, curates a perfect list of prospects and prepares your daily tasks in the most efficient way possible. No admin required.

In the meantime, your manager has real-time insight into your activity and key metrics, and weekly/monthly/quarterly reports for each rep are automatically generated with important information flagged.

Sounds like science fiction, right?

It’s actually closer than you think and here’s why:

More online data on places than ever before

Every location you’re selling to or want to sell to has an online profile made up of thousands of datapoints across Google, Tripadvisor and social networks. Photos, reviews, menus and more make it possible to build an accurate profile of the places which stock your products and build a curated list of similar businesses nearby that you should target.

This is why Bowimi uses Google’s +200m places as a foundation upon which brands build their CRM and field activity. This means that our customers will benefit from intelligent insights and suggestions based on the locations they’ve been interacting with.

Machines are better at learning than you

When you’re planning your day, how do you know who you should visit, when you should visit them and what tasks you should prioritise? Overtime you learn what actions lead to the best results and you use these learnings to win and retain customers. You may have figured out that the best time to visit a cafe in Central London is 2-4pm, Tuesday – Thursday. You may have figured out that your key accounts need to be visited every 30 days to prevent churn. There is no reason why a digital assistant couldn’t learn exactly what you should do and when you should do it to deliver the best results.

The good news is that in field sales, technology will never replace the face-to-face visits which are a core part of almost every brands sales strategy. People and technology will work hand-in-hand to deliver ever-improving results.

If you’re interested in finding our more about the future of field sales, and how Bowimi is working towards the world’s most intelligent digital field sales assistant, please reach out to our founders Dan or Dom, or sign up for a demo today.

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