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The easiest way to manage data and activity across thousands of locations, making your team more effective at winning new business and engaging customers.

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Prospecting and Improved Efficiency

Manage all of your customers and prospects in one place and seamlessly add to your CRM from Google’s 200 million places. With Bowimi, it’s never been easier to tag, record data against and manage locations at scale.

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Task Manager

The world’s only task manager that’s fully integrated into your routes and CRM. Use Bowimi to seamlessly set reminders to visit or follow up with customers or prospects and save hours of admin every week. 

Insights and Automated Reports

Bowimi has the most customisable and advanced insights dashboard ever seen in field sales. We work with you to determine precisely the metrics that will add the most value to your business and add them to your bespoke dashboard so that they are visible at a glance. We also automatically generate PDF reports of your KPIs for you daily, weekly or monthly.

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Data Capture

Capture precisely the data your business needs, including photos, contact details, multiple choice questions and much more. Our app allows you to seamlessly record data against any location around the world, without needing to manually add or upload places.

Route Planning and Automation

Our route planning features save you and your team hours every week. We make it easier than ever to build and distribute routes, then optimise routes for each person on your team based on their location. Connect data from your retailers and distributors to automatically build routes based on store alerts. 

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Check out our video library for detailed demos and descriptions on how you can use our main features.

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Bowimi is the only way your team can open their phones, anywhere in the UK and see actionable tasks which are based on store sales data. This means they’re always picking the right stores to visit, at the right time, which will deliver the maximum ROI.

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