Perform better in retail and the on-trade.

Capture and visualise important metrics for your business to improve your performance in retail or hospitality.

Turn your team's site visits into actionable insights. We give you the tools to win more accounts and improve account performance.

How it Works

Create Forms

Build forms in your dashboard to capture precisely the data you’re looking for.

Capture Visit Data

Your forms instantly become visible in the Bowimi app on the phones of your team.

Insights Dashboard

As your team capture data, get real time insights in your dashboard.

Do you...

Supply Retail

Supply On-Trade

Operate Venues

Retail Suppliers

When you sell your products in supermarkets, shops or convenience stores, here are some of the insights you might be interested in:

  • Shelf Availability
  • Marketing/POS Compliance
  • Number of Facings
  • Number of Displays Won
  • Competitor Availability
  • Retail Selling Price
  • Is it on Promotion?

On-Trade Suppliers

When you sell your products in pubs, bars or restaurants, here are some of the insights you might be interested in:

  • POS Compliance
  • Correct Glassware
  • Bartender/Waiter Product Knowledge
  • Product Availability
  • Competitor Availability
  • Price
  • Is it on Promotion?

Venue Operators

When you run in pubs, bars or restaurants, here are some of the insights you might be interested in:

  • Marketing/POS Compliance
  • Item Availability
  • Guest WiFi Availability
  • Cleanliness and Service Quality
  • Timings (until seated, until food arrives, etc)

Built for Physical Locations

Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho are great for keeping track of calls and emails in B2B sales, but if you sell your product in physical stores or venues, visiting these locations plays a huge role in the success of your brand, both in winning new accounts and account performance. We provide the easiest way for brands to record data against physical locations, and get actionable insights from their team’s visits.

Location Consistency

Traditional CRMs weren’t built for recording data against physical locations, which is why you’ll find manually adding places time consuming, and then you end up with lots of duplicate data which will lead to issues further down the line. Our unique technology detects and merges duplicate places so that no visit data ever goes missing. No manual entry is ever required as our technology will always find the place you’re visiting from the variety of real-time trustworthy sources. 

Graphs, Maps and Dashboards

With traditional CRMs you’ll have an enormous amount of data stored with no convenient way of viewing it. We provide you with all of the graphs, photos and maps you need to make decisions which will improve your brands performance. This insight can be used to prospect new accounts, ensure accounts are being on-boarded properly, track account performance, or anything else you can think of.

Elm tells you where you should visit, Bowimi let’s you record data and photos on those visits. Combine the two and you’ll have unparalleled insight into what’s happening in-store across your accounts, saving you time and money.

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