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Our three-stage onboarding process is run by in-house experts who are experienced in making sure your field team can get the most out of the platform. They will help you get setup, train your team, provide close support and give you all the dynamic insights dashboards and reports you need. They will also advise you on industry best practices as well as tips-and-tricks to get the most out of your field sales operation.

1-2 Hour Setup Session

This is where we explore your business and tailor the platform and data capture to your needs.

1-2 Hour Training Session for Reps and Managers

This is where we introduce your field sales reps to the platform and show them how to use all the features like pros.

1-2 Hour Insights Session to Create Custom Dashboards and Reports

This is where we build custom insights dashboards with you which display all the KPIs and graphs you want. We then setup automated reports to email these KPIs to you daily, weekly or monthly.


As part of the onboarding process, we can import your locations from your previous system or a spreadsheet. When doing so, we match every location against its Google ID to help you avoid duplicates and poor quality data. If you’re uploading more than 300 locations on a monthly rolling contract or 1000 locations on an annual contract, we will give you a quote on how much the upload will cost.

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