Grow out of spreadsheets and help your field sales team move more stock

Anyone who has to go out and about to make sales. Whether you need to visit hospitality venues, independent shops or nationwide store chains.

When you’re pounding the pavements use Bowimi on your smartphone to can plan your route, find new venues and see nearby venues if you have a 15 minute gap to fill. When you’re in a location fill in surveys that remind you to ask the right questions plus, record how your products are displayed and promoted in the field. 

Back at the office, you can assign tasks for the team, review the information from the field and react to trends in your performance.

Yes, but Bowimi can also compliment another CRM system too. Sometimes, our customers use Bowimi for their field work and use a more traditional CRM to keep office-based relationships separate.

Once you’re set on Bowimi, we will begin onboarding you. 

First off, we’ll talk to the team leaders about how they want to platform set up. We’ll help you create your surveys and dashboards. Plus if you have a list of locations already, we can upload some of them (we sometimes have to charge a bit extra for big lists). We can also look at setting up integrations with other products like Microsoft Power BI, Zapier and Elm. 

We’ll then set up a training session with your team, where we take them through the day-to-day uses of Bowimi and showing them how to use it. 

Who's using it and what do they say about it?

Try using Bowimi to find new Cocktail Bars to visit in the City of London

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