Turn a call file of 10,000+ locations into a schedule for 50+ reps in minutes.

✅ Self-serve platform where you can create and manage these schedules and routes yourself.

✅ Set home addresses for each rep to get well-optimised routes.

✅ Routes get automatically distributed to the reps in Bowimi, seamlessly add and change locations in the call-file.

Step 1

Upload call file from Excel spreadsheet or using a tag in Bowimi.

Step 2

Add the reps, where they’re based, when they can start, what days of the week they can work and number of calls per day. Hit “Calculate” and watch Bowimi do it’s magic.

Step 3

Reps can view and optimise their routes in Bowimi. They can also complete all of their visit admin in Bowimi. Managers can then view all of the insights, photos and activity in their Bowimi dashboard.

Launching late 2024 – join the waitlist to help us shape the product into exactly what you want!

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